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Honeybees: Making Magic

Honey is an ingredient we’re all familiar with: most likely, there is a jar or squeezable bear in your cupboard right now. It’s something we love to use to sweeten tea, drizzle on berries, and include in many of our favorite dishes and desserts. But how much have you actually […]

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Plant-Forward Eating

There’s a lot of buzz these days about something called “plant forward.” What exactly does this term mean? Simply put, plant-forward or plant-centric cooking and eating means to quite literally put plant foods in the center of, or as the foundation of, our eating plan. Plant foods include all vegetables; […]

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Crazy for Comté

I claim it: Comté has been one of my favorite cheeses since I first tasted it decades ago. I cherish its flavors, texture, and complexity, and I purchase it regularly and savor it often. But until recently, I never appreciated the full story behind Comté cheese making. Sure, I knew […]

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Bloody Good

As with most popular cocktails, the Bloody Mary has a storied and bloodily contested past. Lucky for us, then, that two highly respected cocktail historians, David Wondrich and Gary “Gaz” Regan, both agree that the earliest and most likely origin story credits this invention to Ferdinand “Pete” Petiot, a young […]

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Creating Your Fall Edible Garden

Article by: By Chef Vincent Carvalho It’s no secret the key to great food is cooking with the freshest ingredients. Whether you’re looking to whip up a chimichurri sauce on the fly or making a veggie soup for those crisp fall days, now is the perfect time to start your […]

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Eight Super Tips for Thanksgiving

Don’t let your Thanksgiving preparations get the better of you. We want you to enjoy family and friends, and minimize the stress! Here are a few ideas, suggested by our own CIA faculty and staff, we hope will help you as you get ready for Turkey Day! Buy Local When […]