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Take it With You! Make-ahead Recipes for Camping

Summer is the time for getaways, and we especially love road trips that end with camping! Everyone has a different idea of what camping means. You might be a no-frills camper who hikes through the woods with just the essential gear, sleeping in the grass under the stars. Or maybe […]

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Sweet and Savory Grilled Cheese

You know what sweet means, most likely, right? Cookies are sweet, candy is sweet, pineapple is sweet. But do you know what savory means? Savory is harder to describe, but we often associate it with foods that are deep in flavor, like mushrooms or cooked beef stew. In more general […]

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Colorful Easter Eggs, Naturally

Dying colorful Easter eggs is such a fun craft (yes, for adults, too!), but if you aren’t a fan of store-bought artificial dyes, you may have been avoiding it. But, like, everything, there’s a way to use food to make the experience better! Namely, making your own dyes from colorful […]

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Design Your Own Gingerbread House

Nothing says “Christmas!” like an old-fashioned gingerbread house, and this year, we’re going all out! These cookies are the ideal canvas for all sorts of decorative touches. The dough can be made and baked off in advance and stored in an airtight container until ready to decorate or finish. Use […]

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Supremely Spooky Pizzas for Halloween

Small foodies may have candy on the brain, but before they start their whirlwind foraging expedition, little ghosts, cowgirls—and hopefully a tiny chef or two!?—need some food-fuel. Since it is Halloween, dinner needs to be fun and maybe a little spooky! For your sake, it should also be easy. We […]

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Red, White Chocolate, and Blue Bark

Sometimes cooking is about the journey, not the destination. That is especially true when cooking with kids, and particularly when cooking with kids who have been inside a lot these last few months. For the Fourth of July this year, we’re keeping it simple—and fun!—with some candy crafting. White chocolate […]