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Grilled Tofu with Eggplant and Parmesan

Makes 4 servings The secret to grilling tofu is to first press it until most of its moisture comes out. Layer it between paper towels while pressing it and change the towels as they get wet (see the recipe for a photo). The smokiness from grilling eggplant and tofu adds […]

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Grilling for a Crowd of 4th of July

Grilling for a party always sounds fun, but inevitably, it ends up being stressful. Your chicken takes forever to cook, the burgers fall apart on the grill, or you over- (or under) cook those beautiful steaks you splurged on. This 4thof July, go easy on yourself and plan a menu […]

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Grilling Seafood—Insider’s tips from CIA Chefs

Seafood lovers! You don’t want to miss the joys of grilling this summer! With just a few tips and tricks from our seasoned CIA chefs, your next barbeque is sure to go swimmingly! Chef Sandy Sauter A clean and well-seasoned (with oil) grill is crucial for seafood, since it tends […]

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Grilling with Cedar Planks

Fish that is grilled on a cedar plank is imparted with the smoke of the grill and the woodsy flavors from the cedar, giving it incredible depth of flavor. For variety, you can use hickory, mesquite, or even a fruit tree wood like apple or cherry. The planks don’t last […]

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Grilling with the Whole Family!

It’s grilling season, and we wanted to remind you that grilling can be a family activity—even if Dad thinks he’s the grill-master! Grilling is an easy, quick, nutritious, and flavorful way to cook lean pieces of meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. Wood, gas, or charcoal heats the grill bars and […]

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Home School: Make a Marinade Without a Recipe

I’m not sure when grilling season officially starts (maybe because there is not actually an official grilling season), but I’m ready to get started. Everyone has the fundamentals of grilling covered: fire, meat, veggies, go! But the under-appreciated old standby that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the marinade. […]