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How To: Scramble Eggs

A person’s favorite food is not necessarily the food a person eats every day. After all, donuts aren’t dinner…most of the time. But if you’re lucky, your favorite foods might be something that you can enjoy often and in a lot of different ways – like baked potatoes or scrambled […]

Family Fun

Say “I Love You” with Chocolate

We don’t know about you, but when we think about Valentine’s Day, we think chocolate! Chocolate candies, chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies. Hm. Cookies and brownies… If one is great, how good would they be combined!? This Valentine’s Day, if you want to bake something for a special person – maybe […]

Family Fun

George Washington Carver: Kitchen Innovator

You might think being a great chef is all about memorizing a million recipes. But really, the key to being a great chef is knowing simple cooking techniques that you can use to improvise a million recipes! Sure, most chefs and home cooks have some recipes filed away in their […]

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How to Make Homemade Granola Bars

Is snack time your favorite time? Welcome to the club, because no matter how old you get or how important your job is, you will never stop loving snacks. Your tastes may change, and maybe you’ll learn to love pretzels more than cheesy crackers. Or maybe you’ll crave a cookie […]

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Try New Things: All Aboard the Grain Train!

Are you ready to try new things? The key to being a super-foodie is tasting everything, even if it’s something you are pretty sure you won’t like. Because often you’re wrong, and it turns out you love something that you thought would be disgusto! And while some foods are a […]

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Midnight Snacks for New Year’s Eve Celebrations!

New Year’s Eve is so fun, even if you can only stay awake until 9:00! But if you are determined to stay up to see the big ball drop at midnight, you’re going to need snacks. Here are some of our favorite quick-and-easy, sweet and savory recipes to help keep […]

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Chocolate Cereal Crumbles

Makes 4 to 6 servings So simple and satisfying, these little treats are a snack for kids and grown-ups! Use your favorite cereal and experiment with a mix of dark, milk, or even white chocolate, if you like. We love peanuts in this recipe, but you can replace it with […]

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Hot Spinach Dip

Makes about 3 cups (8 to 10 servings) This dip can be served in a small, round pumpernickel, rye, or sourdough loaf. To prepare the bread, cut a circle from the top of the loaf. Pull out the bread from the center of the loaf to make room for the […]

Family Fun

Make Hot Chocolate at Home for a Cozy Treat

Whether you call it hot chocolate or hot cocoa, one thing we can all agree on is that it is the best thing about winter! On a cold day, nothing is cozier than a steaming mug of hot chocolate – especially if it’s topped with marshmallows! And especially if it’s […]

Family Fun

Decorating Holiday Cookies

Decorating cookies is fun any time of the year, but ‘tis the season for extra special treats to share with your friends and family! Whether you bring them as a gift to your teachers or to grandma’s house, there are so many easy ways to dress up your favorite cookies […]

Family Fun

Make Rugelach at Home for a Hanukkah Treat

Rugelach are the perfect little treat to have any day of the year, but they are a must-have at Hanukkah! Cookies made by rolling dough around a slightly-sweet filling like jam, chocolate, or even poppy seeds, rugelach are a favorite Jewish tradition. And what’s even better is that these cookies […]

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Makes 2 dozen cookies Dough Ingredients 1/2 lb (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature 3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons cream cheese, room temperature 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 2/3 cup all-purpose flour, sifted Ingredients 2/3 cup raspberry jam 1 2/3 cups chopped pecans Cinnamon Sugar (1 cup sugar combined with 1 […]