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Beurre Blanc

Makes 1 quart sauce Beurre blanc is a classic French sauce, made creamy thanks to the emulsion formed between the fat (butter!) and the liquid (wine). The key to not breaking an emulsion is patience and an even, moderate cooking temperature, so take your time adding the butter and take […]

Sauces, Dressings & Condiments

Chimichurri Sauce

Makes 1 cup sauce This Argentinian-style sauce is used in the region to top grilled meats, but you can use it alongside grilled or roasted vegetables, a roasted chicken, or even stirred into a simple soup. Experiment with herbs, like mint, as a less traditional topping for roasted lamb. Chef’s […]

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Cranberry Applesauce

Makes 2 pints Cranberries and apples are a perfect match, and this cranberry applesauce brings these sweet and tart flavors together for your Thanksgiving table, Fall lunchboxes, or just an afternoon snack. This sauce is simple and brightly flavored, but you can add spices, like cinnamon, or even some grated […]

Sauces, Dressings & Condiments

Cranberry Sauce

Makes 6 servings Make this cranberry sauce up to a week ahead and store in the refrigerator. Use this recipe as a starting point to add your favorite flavors, like fresh apples, grated ginger, bourbon, or chopped walnuts.

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Cranberry Sauce Without a Recipe

If there is anything on your Thanksgiving checklist that isn’t worth stressing over, cranberry sauce should be it. We know that lots of people don’t make their own cranberry sauce, and maybe you prefer the nostalgia of can-berry! Even some of us who work night and day for weeks to […]

Sauces, Dressings & Condiments


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