Turkey Sausage and Pepper Sliders

Makes 10 servings These sliders take the mess out of the east-coast favorite sausage sandwich! We’ve included a pinch of red pepper flakes, but if you like spice, you can add more, or even start with hot Italian sausage. Once grilling season is over, you can use this mixture to […]


Turkish Delight

Makes one 9- by 13-inch slab In the classic children’s books The Chronicles of Narnia, a little boy loves Turkish Delight so much that he trades his family for it. No need to swap your family or friends—they will surely thank you for sharing this delight with them. Any manufactured […]

Chef's Notes Plus

Using Meringue Powder for Royal Icing

Royal icing is a decorative icing made from egg whites and confectioners’ sugar. In professional bakeshops, it is used to decorate cakes, pastries, and candies, but at home, it is primarily used to decorate rolled out sugar or gingerbread cookies. We explain how to make and use traditional royal icing […]


Warm Gingerbread Pudding

Makes 8 servings Sweet, warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and allspice give gingerbread and many other baked goods their unmistakable aromas. Spices are generally understood to be dried aromatic ingredients, typically the bark or seeds of a plant; they are sold whole or ground. Whole spices may be toasted, […]

Beverages and Cocktails, Free Recipes

Winter Sangria

Makes 1 serving Fill a wine glass with ice. Add the orange juice, brandy, wine, and pomegranate juice. Garnish with an orange slice and cherry, plus a cinnamon stick and star anise, if you like. Chef’s Note: To make cinnamon-infused red wine, drop 2 cinnamon sticks into a 750 mL […]