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Mother’s Day is coming up, and whether you are celebrating your mom, your wife, your mother in-law, your grandma, your sister, or maybe even yourself (treat yourself!), the mom or mom-figure in your life may be a foodie like you.

If your mom isn’t already a DISH member, that’s a perfect place to start! But here are a few other ideas for great gifts for the mom in your life, whether she loves to cook, dine-out, entertain, or a little bit of everything.

Vintage Kitchen Stuff

Every foodie loves new kitchen tools and décor, but there is something special about a vintage piece. If your mom loves that mid-century vibe, search for Pyrex or Fire King casseroles, nesting bowls sets, or vibrant patterned serving dishes. If French country is more her style, look for old cast-iron coquettes, copper pots, or European-style butter dishes. Scandinavian-inspired enamel, well-seasoned vintage cast-iron skillets, and cool retro-branded glassware are all awesome additions to any food lover’s kitchen and can be easily found online or at your local vintage store, estate sales, or consignment shops.

Special Delivery

Your cooking is only as good as your ingredients, and we aren’t all lucky enough to live in produce-rich areas of the country (yes, California, we are jealous). With just a quick internet search, you’ll find farms all over the country who ship their seasonal produce so that your mom can try a perfectly ripe Bay Area apricot, the best Florida grapefruits, or cranberries right from the bog in Wisconsin. And while we live for a perfect fruit or veggie, you can even find deliveries for some of the country’s best oysters, vacation-perfect crab cakes, or grass-fed steaks.

Reservation Credit

It used to be that you had to drive to a restaurant and buy a paper gift certificate, but those days are behind us. Because many restaurants share the same reservation systems, like Resy and OpenTable, you can now order e-gift cards right from those companies that your mom can use to make reservations at any restaurant using that system—which is a lot of options. If you’re lucky, she’ll bring you along!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

If your mom has the space and a green thumb, a fruit tree is beautiful gift that will remind her year after year that she is loved. Consult your local garden shop to find out what would be perfect for your mom’s particular space and weather conditions.

This May Be Your Mother’s Apron

Apron technology has come a long way, and while we love a fancy apron with pockets and special fabrics, the perfect apron for the mom that loves to cook is an easy vintage-inspired cross-back apron. Designed to slip right over your head and drape over your shoulders instead of your neck, a cross-back apron is comfortable, easy to take on and off, and requires no tying (or untying!). They’re very popular with the foodie set these days, so you can find them in lots of home stores or any number of online retailers.