Chef's Notes

Holiday Care Packages

The holidays look a little different this year, but luckily, an interruption in tradition doesn’t have to mean an absence of celebration! You may not be able to join together with your loved ones in person, but with just a little planning, you can craft a curated care package to […]

Family Fun

Red, White Chocolate, and Blue Bark

Sometimes cooking is about the journey, not the destination. That is especially true when cooking with kids, and particularly when cooking with kids who have been inside a lot these last few months. For the 4th of July this year, we’re keeping it simple—and fun!—with some candy crafting. White chocolate […]

Chef's Notes Plus

Think Outside the Garden and Regrow your Scallions

Before you throw out the roots of your scallions, watch this video, where our editor, Laura, shows you how to grow NEW scallions using nothing but scraps! Share pictures of your scallions on our DISH member Facebook group! DISH Member Login Forgot Password? Forgot your password? Enter your email address […]

Family Fun

Snack Sushi

Sushi is generally an outside food, meaning we eat it outside of the house when someone else makes it for us. And for a lot of reasons, this is generally a fine practice. Good sushi fish can be hard to find and hard to store. Plus, who even knows how […]

Chef's Notes Plus

Our Favorite Holiday Cookies

There’s a lot to love about the holidays, but cookies are pretty high on the list. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite cookie recipes to help inspire your baking. Remember that nearly all cookies are great for freezing, whether in baked or raw dough form, so get a […]

Family Fun

Halloween Dinner (or, a Candy Appetizer)

You are in official Halloween weather watch mode, when you finally decide: do I have to wear a jacket over my awesome costume!? Your friends at the CIA are rooting for you, and our fingers are crossed for clear skies and warm breezes for your candy-gathering adventures! But before you […]

Family Fun

National Taco Day (aka Best Day Ever!)

It’s National Taco Day, which is weird because we celebrate tacos every week (#TacoTuesday). Of course, we don’t need an excuse for tacos, and neither do you. We’ve talked tacos here before, so we know what can go IN them (sweet potatoes, flaky fish, homemade salsas!), but how often do […]

Chef's Notes Plus

Say Aloha to Summer with a Tiki Bash

There’s one weekend of summer left (what!?), which kind of begs for a party! If you’re throwing together a last-minute get-together, there is no better strategy than to make it a tiki party—and here’s why: Fun outfits. Tasty drinks. Delicious but low-effort food. Quality kitsch décor. Extraordinary music. OK, so […]