Chef's Notes Plus

Say Aloha to Summer with a Tiki Bash

There’s one weekend of summer left (what!?), which kind of begs for a party! If you’re throwing together a last-minute get-together, there is no better strategy than to make it a tiki party—and here’s why: Fun outfits. Tasty drinks. Delicious but low-effort food. Quality kitsch décor. Extraordinary music. OK, so […]


Hawaiian-Style Shaved Ice

Makes 4 servings There are machines you can buy to make shaved ice, but if you don’t have one, you can use your food processor! Make the ice at the last minute to keep it nice and fluffy. For a party, make several varieties of syrup so guests can mix […]

Family Fun

What Makes Food Spicy?

Do you like spicy food? If the answer is yes – join the club! If the answer is no – well, join the other club, because there are lots of people just like you! Have you ever wondered why certain foods are so spicy? Spicy foods burn our mouths thanks […]