Bunch of Carrots
In celebration of Earth Day this week, we’re sharing recipes that bring to life simple ways we as individuals can help to be more Earth-friendly in our food choices and cooking, from plant-forward cooking, to creative reuse, to reducing food waste. 

Among the simple ways you can help to reduce food waste (one of the top contributors to greenhouse gases) is to embrace imperfect (so called “ugly”) produceApproximately 40% of food in America goes to waste, in part because it’s simply not good looking enough for shoppers. Another simple one? Using rather than tossing more of what you purchase. It helps that this saves you money and trips to the grocery store too. 

For example, if you find yourself with more than enough carrots in your fridge or CSA delivery, try making homemade Carrot Tortellini with Carrot Top Pesto. Still have leftovers remaining? Try Pickled Carrots! 

This works with any number of ingredients. Overripe fruit can be made into smoothies, baked recipes, and more. Produce stems and stalks make tasty additions to sautés and stocks. You can even plant certain leftovers in your own “victory garden.” If nothing else, you can compost it. Many cities offer curb-side compost pick-up.