Breakfast and Brunch


Makes 1 loaf or brioche à tête Buttery, rich, and delicious, brioche is one of those breads that may not be a health food, but sure does taste good. As long as you are going to the trouble, make an extra loaf and freeze it. You can use it for […]

Breakfast and Brunch

Honey-Wheat Sandwich Bread

Makes 2 loaves Ingredients 4 cups bread flour, plus extra as needed 1 cup whole wheat flour 2 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast 2 cups whole or low-fat milk, boiled and cooled to room temperature 1/3 cup vegetable oil, plus extra for greasing 1/3 cup honey 2 teaspoons kosher salt […]

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Makes 2 cups mayonnaise We love making mayonnaise the old fashioned way (for special occasions!), but you can also make it in a blender. Follow the directions, plus instead of a bowl, combine the yolks, water, vinegar, mustard, and sugar in a blender, and steam in the oil while it’s […]

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Sandwich Makeovers

Lunch used to be a welcome break at the office or a fun break at school, and now? Ugh, it just the worst. Suddenly we’re all expected to stop the 30 things we are simultaneously giving 100% of our attention to make lunch, and who has the energy? The default […]

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Sweet and Savory Grilled Cheese

You know what sweet means, most likely, right? Cookies are sweet, candy is sweet, pineapple is sweet. But do you know what savory means? Savory is harder to describe, but we often associate it with foods that are deep in flavor, like mushrooms or cooked beef stew. In more general […]

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The Perfect Condiment for Summer Sandwiches

It’s Laura here, your DISH editor and certified beach bum. I grew up at the Jersey Shore, and between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there were three priorities: swim, sun, snacks. For me, the perfect beach snacks are as follows: cubed melon, pretzel rods (not sticks), shortbread cookies for a […]