Italian-style Sub Sandwich

It’s Laura here, your DISH editor and certified beach bum. I grew up at the Jersey Shore, and between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there were three priorities: swim, sun, snacks.

For me, the perfect beach snacks are as follows: cubed melon, pretzel rods (not sticks), shortbread cookies for a no-melt sweet tooth. But of course, after a full morning of jumping waves and climbing the jetties when Mom isn’t looking, you need more than a pretzel to hold you over until sunset.

A well-packed beach tote always included wax paper-wrapped sandwiches, and on the special days, those sandwiches were subs.

Whether you call them subs, submarines, hoagies, or grinders, there is nothing that evokes summer vacation to me like a cold sub. We ate them out of the hatchback of the family car, at outdoor concerts covered in mosquito bites, and especially at the beach.

Though architecturally, a sub is unique because of its bread (long, usually multi-serving, robust but not crunchy or crumbly), the thing that really makes a sub stand-out is the way the condiments and toppings combine to make that distinct sub flavor that is rich, tangy, and so very craveable.

When the summer rolls around, I make my go-to condiment that can be spread on any sandwich with any bread for a “spent 20 minutes making this before I hit the beach” flavor. When stirred together, mayo, dried oregano, and diced condiments, like tomato, red onion, and banana peppers, combine for the perfect every-day sandwich topper that can be customized endlessly.

You can make it in bigger batches and hold it for two weeks, knowing that it just gets better and better every day. Whip up a batch for build-your-own sandwich spreads, quick deli wraps, or yes, the ultimate Italian sub—the way I like it.

Posted by: Laura Monroe, DISH Editor

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