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Banh Mi-Inspired Chicken Salad

Makes 6 servings Banh mi is a ubiquitous Vietnamese sandwich that reflects the cuisine’s French influence, with roasted pork, pork pâté, pickled vegetables, and lots and lots of herbs filling a baguette-style roll. This salad takes inspiration from the sandwich, with herby tender greens, pickled veggies, and crisp French bread […]

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Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Produce

Every year, we try to avoid it, but it is inevitable: summer will end eventually—though luckily, only temporarily. Summer produce doesn’t leave quietly, and in its waning weeks, our gardens and farm stands explode with cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash, eggplants! The mountains of produce are daunting, but irresistible, since in […]


Smashed Chickpea Toast with Pickled Fennel

Makes 4 servings The chickpea portion of this dish is simple, but it’s made perfect by the quick-pickled fennel. If you aren’t a huge fennel fan, these pickles may surprise you, but you can certainly replace it with radishes, onions, or even sauerkraut.

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The Basics of Hot Water Canning

Our world sometimes feels much larger than it once did, and at a time when we can buy produce from half a world away whenever we want it, some traditional methods of food preservation, like canning, may seem like old news. But for many of us, there is a sort […]