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A Really Big Chili

You may think of chilis as stews of meat and beans, but in this instance, the beef is the star in a vegetable and chile-laced sauce. The Korean chile pepper is worth seeking out, but don’t worry if you can’t find it. Makes 8 Servings

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One-Pot Mediterranean Pasta

Makes 4 servings When we say one pot, we mean it! All of the ingredients cook together—pasta included—and the finished dish is flavorful and saucy with less than 10 minutes of work! If you like, you can top the cooked pasta with sautéed shrimp or flaked tuna.

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One-Pot Pastas

There is no greater joy than a dinner that is truly 15 minutes prep-to-table. Especially on a busy weeknight, but honestly, any night. Opening a jar of store-bought pasta sauce and boiling a pound of spaghetti is easy, but how about something a little more homemade in just as much […]