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Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce

This sauce is a product of South Carolina’s large German population and their affinity for mustard. It is an extremely easy barbecue sauce to make because it doesn’t require any cooking. It works very well as a dipping sauce for pork, but it can basically be used however you like. […]

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Homemade Beefsteak Ketchup

Makes 4 servings This jewel of a recipe from the CIA’s own Waldy Malouf is slightly sweet, spicy, intensely flavorful sauce that will elevate any already amazing dish to even greater heights. We most look forward to sharing this recipe at our Hyde Park campus’ annual Beefsteak Dinner, a boisterous […]

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Jack Black Barbecue Sauce

Makes 2 1/2 cups sauce The name “Jack Black” refers to the Jack Daniels whiskey in the recipe and the deep color of the sauce. When it has finished cooking, the sauce may look burnt, but it isn’t; the color is supposed to be very dark, and the sauce will […]

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Tangy Barbecue Sauce

Makes 3 cups of sauce Ingredients 3 tablespoons unsalted butter or olive oil 1/3 cup minced onion 2 tablespoons minced garlic 1 cup cider vinegar 1 cup ketchup 1 cup beef broth or water 1/3 cup tomato paste 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 1/2 teaspoons Tabasco sauce 1 teaspoon kosher […]

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Tomato Ketchup

Yields 1 quart Ingredients 2 tablespoons brown sugar, plus more as needed 1/3 cup minced onion (from about 1/4 medium yellow onion) 2 cloves garlic, minced (about 1 1/2 tsp) Two 28-oz cans whole peeled plum tomatoes, seeded if desired 1/2 cup chopped roasted red peppers 1/2 cup red wine […]