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Bakers’ Percentage

Buckle up, foodies. We’re doing math! Artisan bread requires just a few key ingredients, but it is the ratio of those ingredients and the way they are handled that produce a wide array of finished loaves. Proper execution comes from a detailed understanding of each step in the process—what needs […]

Appetizers, Hors D’oeuvre, and Snacks, Pantry, Side Dishes

Durum Rosemary Rolls

Makes 22 rolls Found in the pasta aisle of many supermarkets, durum flour—a wheat flour high in protein and gluten strength—contributes a slight yellowish hue to these aromatic rolls. The flavors of chopped rosemary and olive oil conjure up thoughts of the Mediterranean. Whether the dough is shaped into a […]

Breakfast and Brunch

Raisin Bread with a Cinnamon Swirl

Makes 2 loaves This dough is sprinkled with fragrant cinnamon sugar before rolling up, creating a swirl. Mixing raisins into the dough studs the entire loaf with plump, sweet fruit. Although the recipe calls for dark raisins, you could easily substitute dried currants or diced dried apricots or prunes. Ingredients […]

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Sourdough Starters: 101

The process of making sourdough bread begins with creation of a sour, a culture of microorganisms that are fed and cultivated to increase their quantity. This sour is then used to ferment the final bread dough. To fully understand the process of sourdough baking, it is important to examine each […]

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Using Malt in Breading Baking

Malted barley is called for in many of our bread recipes (as malt syrup) because of its impact on the dough. Malt is made by separating the enzymes that break down starch into sugar from cereal grains, usually barley. Many flours are treated with malts at the mill, but organic […]