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All About Caviar

Caviar is the salted roe of fish, traditionally sturgeon, which is prized for its briny delicate flavor. Due to overfishing, politics, and pollution, the supplies have dwindled and the price has increased, leading to a flood of alternative varieties from many sources. The delicate berries of true caviar come from […]

One-Dish Meals

Lobster Ravioli with Corn Sauce

Makes 5 or 6 servings Striping the pasta is really fun, but also takes some time. You may want to batch it out and save some of the dough for later. When you make this, you may want to prepare extra ravioli and freeze them. The sauce will also freeze […]

Beverages and Cocktails


Makes 1 serving Dry martinis may have only a few drops of vermouth, while a regular martini has the full 1/2 ounce measure noted here. Be sure to ask your guests how dry they like their martinis before adding the vermouth! Ingredients 3 oz vodka or gin 1/2 oz dry […]

Beverages and Cocktails

Mediterranean Cooler

Makes 8 servings Look for bottled pomegranate juice the produce section of well-stocked supermarkets or health food stores. You can substitute other juices for those we recommend here. Grapefruit and cranberry juice makes a Seabreeze. Orange and cranberry makes a Madras. A modest amount of club soda gives the drink […]

Main Dishes

Squab with Quince Paste and Pumpkin Farro

Makes 4 servings Squab is one of our favorite birds, although we do prefer the breasts. Don’t waste the legs, though. Make the sauce from them, and after they are cooked you can strip the meat off the bone and make a little squab salad, just like a chicken salad. […]

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Stocking Your Home Bar for Entertaining

For many, a well-stocked bar means a lot of space— and money. Rather, a well-stocked bar is not a matter of quantity, but instead has meaningful selections available for those who are using it. Think about the last banquet you attended, even for hundreds of people. The bar had one […]

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Taking a Small Bite of Spanish Culture

Easy to eat and quick to serve, tapas have made their way from the bars and restaurants of Spain to capturing the attention of Americans. These tempting tidbits delight the palate with intense flavors and contrasting textures. Whether simple or complex in their preparation, served hot or cold, tapas make […]

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Traditional New Year’s Eve Oysters

Across much of the world, oysters are an iconic New Year food tradition, but especially in France, where pop-up oyster stalls emerge throughout Paris to supply the city with this holiday staple. Few foods are as polarizing as oysters. Diners either passionately endorse the intake of these bivalves or are […]