Soups and Stews

Squash Soup with Ginger Cream

Serves 6 to 8 Use whatever hard-skinned squash that you can find, like butternut, pumpkin, calabaza. For a vegan version, use olive oil instead of butter, omit the milk and whipped cream garnish. Add 1 cup of raw cashews in Step 2, which will make the blended soup creamy. Ingredients […]

Side Dishes


Tartiflette, or gratinéed potatoes in white sauce, is a classic dish that exhibits all the characteristics of French culinary decadence. You can enjoy it simply, alongside a light green salad, or alongside an impressive roast for a special occasion. Ingredients 6 cups La Ratte or fingerling potatoes Salt, as needed […]

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Tempering Eggs for Smooth Custards and Creams

Tempering is a technique that allows you to add eggs to a hot liquid without scrambling them. We see tempering in recipes for crème brûlée, vanilla sauce, pastry cream, and some savory cooked egg dishes. The technique itself is simple but fast-moving, and it requires some preparation before beginning to […]

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You Can Make Cheese at Home (Yes, You!)

There are few greater joys than a freshly made cheese, like a mozzarella still warm from its bath. And while there are many styles of cheese available on the market today, some of which take a long time to make or require special equipment or conditions, many can be made […]