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4th of July Side Dishes to Steal the Show

Either you’re the person who waits all year for a grilled hot dog or burger, or you’re the person testing the limits of those paper plates with a scoop of every side dish, because nothing beats a good potato salad. Of course, no food decision is a bad decision, so […]

Main Dishes

Barbecued Pulled Pork Pizza

Makes two 12-inch pizzas Leftover pulled pork can be used to make a very tasty and unique pizza. A little pork (about 1 1/2 cups) is enough for 4 to 5 portions. Using a charcoal grill will give your pizza a wood-fired flavor and character. To use this method, ignite […]

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Big Game-Day Foodie Face-Off

You don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy The Big Game, especially when there’s a great spread. Chips and dip, fried foods, and pigs in a blanket are all favorites, but we love the tradition of serving regional foods from the competing teams. This year, we’re looking to (in […]

Beverages and Cocktails

Blood Orange Margarita

If you’re looking for drama, blood orange juice is reliable for lending a burst of color and a pop of flavor to any party. Adjust the sweetness to your preferences with simple syrup, and blend the mixture with ice if you like your margarita frozen. Luckily, there’s no wrong way.

Side Dishes

Boston Baked Beans

Makes 8 servings Chef’s Note: Cook these beans, uncovered, in a smoker to give them a slightly smoky flavor. You can also place the beans under ribs or a pork butt during smoking to allow the beans to gain some barbecue flavor from the drippings.


Brussels Sprout Slaw

Makes 6 servings This slaw is simple to assemble, but big on flavor. The richness of the mayo and acidity from the juice helps to balance the strong, salty flavors of the fish sauce for a dish that perfectly complements grilled meat, fish, and veggies. Ingredients 2 lb Brussels sprouts […]

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Choosing Wood for your Grill or Smoker

Smoke is a key component that contributes to the flavor and texture of barbecued meat. Smoke comes from burning wood, either by placing it directly on the coals of a charcoal grill, or in a separate box or chamber in a gas grill or smoker. There is a learning curve […]

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Drink of the Summer: Frozen Aperol Spritz

If you watch the morning cable news shows, you have probably heard about ten million conversations surrounding The Song of the Summer. Inevitably, there are many songs of the summer, and while the concept is flawed, we like the sentiment. Because ultimately, if we’re talking about the song of the […]

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Elevate Your BBQ with Homemade Condiments

Ready for summer?  It’s time to get grilling! While hamburgers, hot dogs and other BBQ favorites tend to get the glory, they’re made even better by their flavor-enhancing counterpart: condiments. DIYing your condiments at home couldn’t be easier. We’ve got some simple, make at home condiment recipes for you to try.  Uplevel Your BBQ, Reduce Your […]

Beverages and Cocktails

Florida Vibes

Makes 1 cocktail Ingredients 1 fl oz Maillard Granola 1/2 fl oz orange juice 1/2 fl oz simple syrup 2 oz CIA Wit or other wheat beer Directions In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine the Granola, orange juice, and simple syrup. Shake very well to chill. Strain the […]

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Four Rules of Summer Party Prep

Summertime means party time! And for all of the fun of an outdoor party, we know there’s also a lot of work. If the stress of organizing a get-together is keeping you from hosting this year, take a look at our Four Rules of Summer Party Prep. Like most food […]