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Quick and Easy Chicken Fried Rice

Makes 4 to 6 servings The key to good fried rice is using leftover rice, which is drier than freshly steamed. In the interest of keeping it simple, our favorite strategy is to keep a zip-top bag in the freezer where you can empty leftover rice from take-out or home-made […]

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Meal Prep: Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a staple in most of our weekly routines. Something about putting together a sandwich brings comfort and nostalgia to some and dread to others. Sandwiches are as easy as putting an ingredient between bread to as elaborate as chopping, slicing, spreading, toasting, grilling, baking and even frying! What […]

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Puff Pastry

Makes 3 lb This batch makes enough puff pastry for a few projects, but the dough freezes well, so don’t hesitate to double this recipe. The key to puff pastry is taking your time to chill the dough between folds. If it’s too soft, the butter will ooze out of […]

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Food Fact Friday: Surprising plant-based protein sources

In the food world, when we say “protein,” we’re often referring to the meat or fish component of a dish. Historically, the protein is the main focus of a recipe, and it is accompanied by side dishes, like vegetables, grains, or starches. But as we (foodies both at home and […]

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Hump Day How-To: How to Caramelize Onions

Have you ever seen caramelized onions in a recipe and just can’t seem to get them right? The trick is to BE PATIENT! First, you must sweat the onions and get rid of the moisture, then the natural sugars will start to do their thing and caramelize slowly and that’s […]

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10 Recipes Every Cook Should Know: Caramel

Caramels are among the most popular of all confections, and in any box of assorted chocolates they are very likely to be the first to disappear. The name caramels is not entirely accurate, as the brown color and roasted flavor are not at all due to the caramelization of sugar, […]

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Meal Prep: Chickpeas

Sundays are all about relaxing at home and prepping for the week ahead. A lot of us have a go-to meal prep routine that includes cooking a bunch of protein, steaming veggies or constructing a salad, and finishing with some sort of dessert. Did you know that you can use […]

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Food Fact Friday: Not All Fruits Ripen Equally

You’ve probably brought home a pineapple and thought, “If I leave it on the counter for a few extra days, it will be extra sweet!” Or maybe a quart of strawberries or a watermelon. Well, if you have, you may have also experienced the disappointment when that pineapple isn’t quite […]

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10 Recipes Every Cook Should Know: Apple Pie

The second recipe we believe every home chef should know is apple pie! Apple pie is eaten all year around and it’s the perfect dessert to bring to a get together or just make on rainy day. It may seem daunting at times with all of the steps that make […]

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Hump Day How-To: How to Brown Butter

Brown butter is often called for in recipes and for good reason! In fact, any recipe that calls for butter will taste 100 times better if you take the time to brown your butter. You can use it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert to add a rich and nutty […]