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Pan-Steamed Cilantro and Pork Dumplings

Makes 8 servings These dumplings are great for a freezer meal. Freeze them before cooking (spread them on a baking sheet, then transfer to a zip-top bag once frozen), and then move them to the fridge to defrost in the morning. It’s okay if they’re still a little frozen when […]

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Food Fact Friday: White Sugar Alternatives

Sugar Alternatives We all know that sugar in excess can be bad for our health, but we are not saying you shouldn’t indulge in a sweet treat once in a while or cut it out of your life all together. Did you know, the FDA estimated the average annual consumption […]

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10 Recipes Every Cook Should Know: Multigrain Bread

Multigrain bread is more beneficial than white bread because whole grains are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and provide you with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Baking with whole wheat flour and whole grains can seem intimidating at first, but try our simple recipe to get the perfect loaves […]

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Hump Day How-To: How To Make Italian Meringue

Italian meringue is often called for in recipes because it’s versatile, easy to make and of course, delicious. It can be used to frost cakes and pies and it makes a great addition to mousses. You just need a couple of ingredients and a few tips and tricks and you […]

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Quick and Easy Chicken Fried Rice

Makes 4 to 6 servings The key to good fried rice is using leftover rice, which is drier than freshly steamed. In the interest of keeping it simple, our favorite strategy is to keep a zip-top bag in the freezer where you can empty leftover rice from take-out or home-made […]

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Meal Prep: Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a staple in most of our weekly routines. Something about putting together a sandwich brings comfort and nostalgia to some and dread to others. Sandwiches are as easy as putting an ingredient between bread to as elaborate as chopping, slicing, spreading, toasting, grilling, baking and even frying! What […]

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Puff Pastry

Makes 3 lb This batch makes enough puff pastry for a few projects, but the dough freezes well, so don’t hesitate to double this recipe. The key to puff pastry is taking your time to chill the dough between folds. If it’s too soft, the butter will ooze out of […]

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Food Fact Friday: Surprising plant-based protein sources

In the food world, when we say “protein,” we’re often referring to the meat or fish component of a dish. Historically, the protein is the main focus of a recipe, and it is accompanied by side dishes, like vegetables, grains, or starches. But as we (foodies both at home and […]

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10 Recipes Every Cook Should Know: Meat Sauce

  Meat sauce, a simple recipe with a lot of play room! Having a basic and go-to meat sauce recipe is a MUST for every home cook. Meat sauce is very versatile, and everyone has their own way of making it. Whether you use fresh or canned tomatoes, dried or fresh […]

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Hump Day How-To: How to Caramelize Onions

Have you ever seen caramelized onions in a recipe and just can’t seem to get them right? The trick is to BE PATIENT! First, you must sweat the onions and get rid of the moisture, then the natural sugars will start to do their thing and caramelize slowly and that’s […]