Chef Hans Welker teaches bread making techniques to students.

It seems like everyone is baking bread right now, and for some reason, if you were to believe everything you see on the internet, sourdough is where we're supposed to be focusing our energy.

And while, sure, a crusty loaf of sourdough is amazing, it is also.. sort of hard? It's the equivalent of a new cook starting their journey with hollandaise sauce. You'll get there, but let's start with boiling water!

If you've been inspired to bake some bread, but aren't sure where to start, we're sharing a few of our favorite simple bread recipes. None require preferments or sourdoughs, or unusual tools, equipment, or ingredients.

Most recipes will make 2 loaves of bread or 2 pizzas, and that's because smaller batches of bread are harder to mix. If you only have one loaf pan, you can use the second half to make free-form rolls. If you don't want two pizzas, freeze half of the dough for another day!

Here are some recipes to give a try this week!

Honey-Wheat Sandwich Loaves

Pizza Dough

Pita Bread