Main Dishes

Troccoli with Lamb and Pepper Sauce

Makes 6 servings Though this sauce is relatively basic, lamb adds that sort of can’t-quite-place-it flavor that you and your guests will love. We like pairing it with homemade Troccoli pasta, but you can use whatever dried variety you prefer. Make the sauce well-ahead, if you like, and freeze it […]

Chef's Notes Plus

Using Dried Pasta

A box of pasta in the pantry means you always have something to cook. Be sure to seek out high-quality pasta and remember to cook it properly. It should be al dente (meaning that it has a pleasant “chew” but not undercooked). There aren’t very many tricks to cooking pasta, […]

Chef's Notes Plus

What I’m Cooking: Creamy Cashew Pesto Pasta

Despite being a huge fan of cheese and butter and birthday cakes, I don’t eat much dairy at home. We don’t get along. I’ve learned to really embrace dairy-free cooking, and though no one believes me when I say it, I don’t miss cooking with milk products as much as […]

Chef's Notes Plus

What I’m Cooking: Lemon Baked Pasta with Broccoli Rabe

I haven’t always embraced my Italian-American identity. That’s not to say I’m not proudly Italian-American, or that I’m somehow ashamed of my Italian ancestry. It was more the Jersey Shore Italian-American stereotype that sort of haunted me, even before MTV entered the conversation. On campus at The Culinary Institute of […]

Free Recipes

Whole Wheat Pasta

Fresh pasta is one of the simplest ways to create a special meal, and it’s even better when everyone lends a hand. This whole wheat pasta is perfect for hand-cut noodles that are tender, but with just the right bite to support hearty sauces, like meat ragouts. Makes 8 servings