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Adventures in Home Winemaking

Or, How Grapes From a World-Famous Vineyard Ended Up In My Garage When I tell people my husband and I are garage winemakers, the first thing they say is, “So you have a vineyard?” Well, no. We do live in Napa, but our backyard is tiny. There wasn’t even room […]


Rosemary Polenta Cake with Savory Strawberries and Goat Cheese

Makes 12 servings This recipe is adapted from the menu of the Gatehouse restaurant on the CIA’s Napa campus in St. Helena, California. It is sweet and savory (mostly sweet!) and is the perfect way to showcase in season strawberries, though we think peaches would also be delicious. The whipped […]

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Welcome to Copia!

There is no place on earth quite like Napa. It’s known as the gateway to California wine country with good reason. And that’s why the CIA has created The CIA at Copia, a food and wine lover’s paradise right in Napa. Actually, The New York Times called it a “foodie […]