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Tart Cherries in Bourbon

Makes about 5 cups These easy to prepare cherries are a staple of a well-stocked home bar, but they also make amazing gifts. Use the cherries in your cocktails, but don’t forget the flavorful brandy for drinks, soaking cakes, or rehydrating raisins and other dried fruits for holiday baking. Ingredients […]

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There Is No Wrong Way to Enjoy a Peach

“I am thinking, of course, of the peach before I ate it.” Peach, D.H. Lawrence (1923). Romanticizing fruit is a task best left to the poets, who have better language for conveying what is inherently perfect about a ripe summer peach. That leaves the rest of us with the more […]

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Thickening with Pectin

Pectin is a thickener derived from fruits such as tart apples or citrus. It is used to make jams and jellies as well as some candies. In order for pectin to gel and thicken a mixture, the recipe must have the proper balance of acids and sugar. Since fruits contain […]

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Winter is Citrus Season

The bright, sunshiny, refreshing juice of citrus fruits screams, “Summer!” But citrus fruits generally reach their peak season during the winter months. What luck for us, since what could be better during the cold, stuck-inside season than a reminder of the sunny days to come. Citrus fruits are prized for […]