Italian Buttercream

Makes about 6 cups Italian buttercream starts with a very stable meringue, making it creamy and light, but also very sturdy. It is almost impossible to mess this recipe up, so don’t panic. If your buttercream appears melted, it means it’s too warm. Place the whole mixing bowl in the […]


Mocha Torte

Makes one 8-inch torte A torte is a European-style pastry typically made with layers of sponge cake, a jam or cream filling, and a frosting. These rich and complex desserts are often enjoyed in the middle of the afternoon, served with coffee or tea, rather than as a dessert following […]

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Strawberry and Rose Mini Cupcakes

Makes about 60 mini cupcakes This recipe makes about 60 mini cupcakes, which feeds about 30 people. If you need less, you can half this recipe, or bake any leftover batter in a cake pan. Spread it with leftover jam for a little chef’s treat! You can use any cake […]