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Tapas Cheat Sheet

While there are tapas-style restaurants in most major metro areas, you may not have as much experience with these small, bite-sized Spanish dishes as you’d like. Of course, going out for tapas is the best way to learn more about the traditional flavors, dishes, and customs, but here’s a little […]

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The Parts of a Knife (and Why They Matter)

To select a knife of good quality that fits your hand well and is suitable for the intended task, you need a basic knowledge of the various parts of a knife. Blades Currently, the most frequently used material for blades is high-carbon stainless steel. Other materials, such as stainless steel […]

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All About Quick Pickles

If your kitchen cabinets are currently storing more than one empty glass jar, you are officially missing an easy pickling opportunity. Pickled fruits and vegetables are the absolute best way to add some excitement to any recipe, cheese plate, or mid-afternoon snack attack. There are many pickling strategies, which can […]

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Vegetable Purées for Plant-Forward Cooking

Plants are quadruple-threat ingredients, adding flavor, texture, color, and nutrients to any dish. They’re versatile, and we eat them raw or roasted, whole or bite-sized, simple or seasoned, and every possible way in between. In the plant-forward kitchen, vegetables are even more useful, because they can be used not just […]

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Glazing Vegetables

When vegetables are fully or partially cooked by steaming, boiling, or roasting, they can be sautéed just long enough to reheat them or to complete cooking them—a technique known as finishing. Whole butter is a common choice for finishing vegetables, but other flavorful cooking fats, such as extra-virgin olive oil, […]

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Home School: Risotto (yes, it’s easy!)

Risotto is a dish we most often eat at restaurants, reinforcing the illusion that it’s difficult to prepare. Sorry to spill the beans, restaurant chefs of the world, but despite being creamy and decadent, risotto is actually really easy to make and not nearly as time consuming as you might […]

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The Cheese Plate

As a last course, a composed plate of one cheese with one or more accompaniments can be a nice alternative to a sweet dessert. And, of course, nothing makes for a perfect party more than a cheese board for grazing. A variety of approaches can be taken when creating a […]

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10 Plant-Forward Lunch Recipes

If you’re still a member of the work-from-home club, we suspect you’re running out of practical lunch ideas. And, if you’re anything like us, that might mean your take-out burrito average may be higher than usual. We’ve been looking to our favorite plant-forward lunch recipes these days, especially ones that […]

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Spring Salads with Your Farmers’ Market Finds

As we look forward to our yearly Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit, which perfectly coincides with the start of spring, we naturally (and typically!) are finding ourselves hungry. Spring is a food-lover’s best season—seconded only by Thanksgiving, of course—with a seemingly endless bounty of vibrant colors and flavors at the local […]