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Identifying Cuts of Meat

Knowing how to cook is more than knowing techniques, it’s also important to know all about the best ingredients for the dish you hope to prepare. Different cooking methods call for different cuts of meat, and the first step to making the right choice is simply understanding the physiology of […]

Main Dishes, One-Dish Meals

Pressure Cooker Osso Buco

Makes 4 servings Osso buco used to be an all-day recipe, saved for the most special of occasions. While we still think it’s a special dish to serve for a holiday or dinner party, preparing it in an electric pressure cooker makes it quick and easy. If you don’t have […]

Main Dishes

Ragù Bolognese

Makes 6 servings Bolognese is essentially a meat stew with a small amount of tomato added— although Americans often confuse it for a tomato sauce with some meat added. The sauce is cooked slowly to develop a deep, rich flavor. In Italy it is traditionally served with tagliatelle pasta and […]