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Piping Makes Perfect: Detailed Designs

Piping is often functional: use a pastry bag to transfer the mousse to the serving bowls, place the glaze in a piping bag to cover the cake. Precision is nice, but not always necessary. But if you are interested in creating detailed cakes, homemade chocolate bonbons, cute cookies, or delicate […]

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Scaling Baking Recipes Up and Down

Doubling or tripling recipes or cutting them in half successfully requires more than simple multiplication. Recipes for baked goods rely upon a number of “sensitive” ingredients, such as leaveners, flavorings, seasonings, and thickeners. These ingredients don’t scale up or down directly in proportion with other ingredients. If you are planning […]

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Strawberry and Rose Mini Cupcakes

Makes about 60 mini cupcakes This recipe makes about 60 mini cupcakes, which feeds about 30 people. If you need less, you can half this recipe, or bake any leftover batter in a cake pan. Spread it with leftover jam for a little chef’s treat! You can use any cake […]


Swiss Meringue

Makes about 6 cups With this meringue method, warming the egg whites and sugar dissolves the sugar to create a smooth texture and heats the eggs for a food-safe and stable meringue. For a common (or French) meringue, use the same ingredients and whip without heating. Add 1/8 teaspoon of […]