Horchata Cold Brew

As soon as the leaves start turning, lots of us rush to dig out our sweaters and heavy blankets.

All too often, though, the first signs of fall are a little bit of a tease, and we find ourselves back in short sleeves and flip flops on occasion. Or, if you're at the CIA in San Antonio, until December!

While a pumpkin spice latte or cozy chai might sound nice on a crisp day, it's not perfect for those 75 degree afternoons when you need a little caffeinated pick-me-up.

That's where our favorite Horchata Iced Coffee comes in.

Horchata is a Mexican agua fresca, a chilled, sweetened drink made from soaked and blended rice and cinnamon. The starch in the rice makes it creamy, but not heavy, so it's refreshing on a warm day.

Because of it's natural creaminess, it is a perfect pairing for strong iced coffee or cold brew. The horchata is sweetened, which helps to mellow the bitterness in your coffee without overpowering it. The hint of cinnamon reminds you that it is, in fact, fall, but isn't so strong that you wouldn't happily enjoy a glass all year round.

Making horchata is simple, and it will keep well in the refrigerator, so you can have it on hand whenever you would like it. The rice may settle to the bottom of your pitcher, so give it a quick stir before you pour it.