Ingredients for herb rub in mortar and pestle
This recipe is really more about the rub than the roast, since it’s all-purpose and surprisingly versatile. Inspired by the seasoning typically used in porchetta, this rub is incredibly flavorful on its own, but a chameleon when paired with virtually any ingredient. Meaning you can eat a dish like this pork roast on its own,…

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    If I cook this in my CSO, what is the humidity setting? Should I reduce the temperature for the effects of convection and humidity?


      I’ll be honest that I never use steam when slow-roasting (less preference, more realities of the ovens I have access to!), but I’ll reach out to some of our chefs and follow up with their recommendations.

  2. Can I smoke it and go to 200 so it will pull?


    I made it this morning it was amazing. After cooking, what’s the best way to reheat and serve without over cooking and losing the superior moistness? I’d like to cook overnight and serve for lunch on Thanksgiving Friday.


      I am so thrilled you enjoyed it! To reheat, I like to wrap it in foil and put it in the oven around 350. Serve it with the reserved pan juices, and it’ll be a big hit!

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