Stalks of rhubarb
There is a lot to love about spring: spring break, warmer weather, flowers (maybe not the allergies!), but most of all, the food! Spring is one of the best times of year for fresh produce, mostly just because we’ve been missing it so badly all winter. Sweet green peas, asparagus, and strawberries start to find…



    I love to pair rhubarb with apples in pie and cobbler too


    I have grown it for many years and am always interested in new ideas. Do you have any suggestions for a savory flavor companion to make as a sauce for pork or beef? What spices or herbs match with rhubarb?


      Rhubarb can hold up to a lot of flavor and is well-suited to most herbs, like basil, thyme, and even strongly-flavored rosemary. I also really like it paired with fresh ginger. If you wanted to serve it with something like seared pork chops, you could keep it simple and deglaze the pan with some shallots and white wine, stir in your rhubarb and let it cook down until it’s soft. Add a little honey if it’s too tart and some chopped herbs, salt, and pepper, and even that simple sauce would be really lovely!


    Looking for strawberry rhubarb recipes, in particular mini tart, & cannot find anything with key terms in search box. What gives? Help me find.

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