Making pizza.
Making pizza dough is easy! You just mix a few ingredients (flour + water + yeast + salt + olive oil), and ta da! The hard part is shaping the pizza dough. If you've ever made homemade pizza, you can probably remember feeling frustrated and defeated as the dough ripped and bounced back into a…



    Your pizza dough recipe said 1/4 cup olive as an ingredient. However, it never said to add the olive oil when it said to add flours to the yeast water. So I didn’t. I just lightly oiled another bowl. Then I watched your video and the Chef dumped in the whole quarter cup of olive oil. Why didn’t you say to add it before mixing. Or was it a mistake.


      Yes, sorry — a mistake! We’ve updated the recipe. Luckily, olive oil is not essential in the pizza dough, so hopefully your dough still turned out great!

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