An assortment of cookies

This week, we’re borrowing some time from our Sunday meal prep to sneak a few treats into our cookie jars and freezers. Follow our lead and load your freezer with your family’s traditional can’t-miss cookies. Be sure you make your to-do list now so you can relish in the satisfaction of crossing off your first project!

Cookies that are best suited for freezing are classic roll-out sugar, shortbreads, and other butter-and-flour cookies like chocolate chip or biscotti. Hold off on any meringue-based cookies, which won’t hold up as well.

For any cookies that will be glazed, chocolate-coated, or decorated, wait to do any finished until post-defrost. Royal icing, sugar glazes, and sprinkles won’t come out of the freezer looking as great as when they went in.

And if you just can’t get enough cookies and want to spend some time with like-minded bakers, join us for a Baking class at our Hyde Park, San Antonio, or Napa campuses!

Try some of our favorite recipes to get started!

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Linzer Cookies

Pecan Diamonds

Roll-Out Sugar Cookies

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