We know about heirloom vegetables and heirloom grains, and farmers take a great deal of pride in preserving these crops for their historical value. But have you ever considered that you are the keeper of heirloom recipes?

Every family recipe is a seed that contains memories and emotions, and each time we prepare it, we are planting that seed for a new generation to enjoy.

Maintaining your family recipes is a big responsibility, but it’s an easy one to manage. While we all love old handwritten recipe cards and delicate, butter-smudged papers, they are better-kept tucked away somewhere safe where they can be shared as special mementos. The easiest way to access your old family recipes is to keep them digitized – which, conveniently enough, you can do right here on this site.

When you log in to DISH, head on over to My Recipe Box, under the For Members Only navigation. From there, you can add new recipes and store them for safe-keeping.

DISH recipe box feature navigation

You can categorize your recipes for easy browsing, but our favorite feature is tagging. Unlike categories, you can add any recipe tag that you want – and then you can select a tag to find exactly what you’re looking for. A simple example is to tag a recipe with “tomato,” and then you can pull up all of your tomato recipes. But for your personal recipes, you can use unique tags that make sense for you.

For example, if you tag holiday favorite recipes as “Christmas,” each year you can pull up all of your recipes at once. Or tag recipes as “Mom” for all of your mother’s iconic dishes, for when you’re feeling nostalgic for her home cooking.

Tagging recipes feature

We’re so glad you’re a DISH member, and we hope that some of the recipes we share with you become family favorites for years to come!


  1. Hello. Please explain a little further how to tag these unique tags. I am aware of the regular ones and find them very helpful but can’t find the option to make special ones. Thank you.

    • laura.monroe@culinary.edu

      Hi there! Unfortunately, the unique tags are only available for recipes that you’ve added through the My Recipe Box feature. Currently, DISH recipes can’t be uniquely tagged for your use. That’s interesting, though, and I’m going to ask our tech wizards to see if that’s a feature we can add! I’ll update if we’re able to make it work!

  2. pambarnhill54@gmail.com

    Not very user friendly- can’t open my recipe box

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