Head of green cabbage

Stop and think about your top ten favorite vegetables. Does cabbage make the list?

Probably not, and that is tragic, because cabbage is an all-star for so many reasons.

Cabbage, specifically all-purpose green cabbage (though we love them all!), is a workhorse. It is inexpensive, abundant, and hearty. It lasts ages in your refrigerator, can be enjoyed raw or quickly cooked, and is nutrient-dense.

Sure, cabbage is a great filler ingredient in soups, salads, and stuffings, but when treated right, cabbage can be the main event, or at least play a very active supporting role.

Like a lot of vegetables, the key to really exceptional cabbage is browning. You can sauté cabbage, or give it a good stir-fry, but roasting is where cabbage shines. The flavor mellows, the interior leaves become tender and buttery, and the exterior browns quickly and evenly for a deep caramelized flavor.

You can roast cabbage a number of ways: chopped, thinly sliced, as steaks, or even quarters. Set the oven to a high temperature—425°F is great—so that the cabbage browns before it gets too soft. A generous coating of oil or butter will help brown the leaves, and while simple salt and pepper is enough for a delicious side dish, cabbage can hold up to any of your favorite spices or seasonings.

Serve roasted cabbage as a side for roasted chicken (you can add it right to the pan to roast in the drippings!), on toast with a fried egg, or even tossed with pasta. Use leftovers to fill an omelet or dress a sandwich.

Though you can certainly roast cabbage without a recipe, here’s one that we love for a simple any-night dish: Roasted Cabbage with Asiago and Garlic Breadcrumbs.