Reuben sandwich cut in half
Makes 4 servings Reubens are New York deli favorites that are perfect for a less-than-virtuous dinner when you’re craving something messy and melty. This version uses corned beef, but you can use pastrami or even smoked turkey, if you prefer. This recipe is more just a suggestion of quantities, so feel free to serve this…

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    I use Montreal style smoked meat instead of the pastrami or corned beef


    I’m confused how many slices of bread do you use. In paragraph 2 it talks about topping 8 slices of bread with corned beef and cheese etc then it says top it with ANOTHER 8 slices so do you need 16 slices of bread? It says it makes 4 sandwiches. Not with that many slices of bread it’s more like 8 sandwiches. HELP!


      You weren’t confused, we were confused! I’ve fixed that, so you’ll see yes– 8 total slices of bread to make the 4 sandwiches. Thanks for pointing that out!

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