Fried Egg

Sometimes the classic, tried-and-true way just doesn't work for you. For me, I was always hung up on the perfect fried egg. Sunny-side-up, runny yolk with a little bit of texture, crisp underneath, and set--not runny--whites.

I knew the tricks. After all, I did learn from the best at the CIA. But everything is a little bit different at home, and I had to adapt to find the thing that worked for my pans in my kitchen for my preferences.

I've cooked a lot of eggs to figure out the system that works for me, and hopefully it will do the trick for you, too. Check out this new video to see!

There is nothing crazy here. No weird hacks. No special tools. The key to a perfect fried egg every time, as far as I'm concerned, is starting with a cold pan. I think you literally can't get any easier than that.

I like starting with a cold pan, because the slow warming of the pan starts to cook the egg whites before it gets to the yolk. That means by the time the whites are set, your yolk is still nice and tender, with just a little bit of jamminess at the bottom.. perfect for spreading on toast! And starting cold doesn't mean slow. Your egg will be cooked in just a minute or two.

Even with a nonstick pan, which I prefer, I like to use some fat like oil or butter, to help crisp up the white at the bottom and add some flavor.


- Posted by Laura, DISH Editor

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