Making an apple crumble

Sometimes you just need. dessert. NOW. And when that moment strikes, there is one easy solution:

Make a fruit crisp!

Call it a crisp or a crumble, but the bones are the same. Fresh or frozen fruit baked under a crispy, crumbly, slightly sweet topping made from the most basic baking ingredients that are sitting in your pantry waiting to become a 30 minute sweet treat.

Watch this video to see how our editor, Laura, takes just a few ingredients to make the easiest and most delicious summer dessert -- no recipe needed! She used apples, because they were getting sad in her refrigerator, but crisps are the ideal way to use up those summer strawberries, peaches, and blackberries that you over-bought at the farmers' market, or that bag of frozen mixed berries that you picked up on a whim!



    How much butter would you use instead of coconut oil


      I would use equal amounts of whatever fat you choose. Add the butter slowly until your mixture forms clumps and there are no (or very few) bits of flour left in the bowl.

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