Logo for the Arriba Latin American Street Food summit.
Dicing onions at the Arriba Mexico—Oaxaca summit.
Outdoor kitchen at the Arriba Mexico—Oaxaca summit.
Taking a cooking class at the Arriba Mexico—Oaxaca summit.


Latin American Cuisine Festival—October 16–17, 2020

Celebrate the flavorful world of Latin American Street Food with a roster of renowned guest chefs demonstrating the techniques and ingredients to create authentic, innovative, and delicious street food.

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Boot Camp: Mexican Street FoodsBoot Camp: Mexican Street Foods

October 16–17, 2020
In modern day Mexico these street foods are commonly referred to under the title of “antojitos”—the art of eating and relishing something simply for the sake of pure enjoyment. Attempting to describe Mexico’s culture and gastronomic tradition of antojitos is as complex as trying to understand Mexico itself.

Demo: Flatbreads from Around the WorldDemo: Flatbreads from Around the World

October 17, 2020
Flatbreads are among the world’s oldest and most commonly eaten breads. Whether served savory or sweet, puffed up or rolled thin, these internationally inspired, flavorful breads are sure to become a party-pleaser or favorite go-to dish at your next gathering.

Hands-on Cooking Classes: Global Street FoodsHands-on Cooking Classes: Global Street Foods

October 17, 2020
While we love fine dining and beautiful restaurants, street food is the quickest (and maybe the most fun!) way to learn about a new region and its culture. Made by local artisans with traditional tools and techniques, the food you find in stalls, trucks, and markets gives you an insight into the culture, ingredients, and community.

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