Pumpkins at the farmers' market
Despite the abundance of pumpkin-flavored foods at every turn, we spend surprisingly little time handling actual pumpkins. After all, as proponents of “homemade is best,” an apple pie starts with apples, a cherry pie starts with cherries. But a pumpkin pie starts with…a can of pumpkin purée? Using prepared pumpkin purée is more than a…


  1. e_cartagena@hotmail.com

    I put cut my pumpkin then put it in the microwave. When the pumpkin is soft, I put it through a ricer put the pumpkin in a rice strainer and let the liquid drain off. I bag it up, weigh it, then put it into the freezer. When I take it out of the freezer I let it drain before I use it.

  2. allen15@alstranded.com

    The draining is a good idea that we haven’t done. We don’t worry about cutting in wedges. A half is just fine. The food processor makes light work of mushing up the pireé.

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