Beans sign at farm.
Beans and other legumes are considered superfoods, with nutritional benefits that are helpful to people with many types of health concerns or dietary restrictions. Paired with vegetables, beans and legumes can be considered a complete meal and healthy source of protein. Beans are available dried and canned. Canned beans have been fully cooked and can…


  1. Is their a health issue to place soaking beans in a refrigerator versus on a cold stove top overnight?

    I’ve been told to freeze the beans in their cooking liquid versus what is written here. Are they both right?


      You can freeze beans in their cooking liquid, if you like. But freezing them on a sheet pan and transferring to a zip-top bag makes them much easier to throw into soups, pasta, or quick dips. As for the safety of soaking beans in or out of the refrigerator, do what makes you most comfortable, but left out in a cool room should be ok. If it’s warm, put them in the fridge or they might start to sprout or even ferment!

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