An olive tree branch at the Jaeger Estate during the
Olive oil can be fruity, nutty, sweet, zesty, peppery, rich, intense, and assertive; mild, mellow, light or heavy, subtle, and delicate; opaque or clear, deep olive green, pale green, gold-green, golden, or pale yellow. Like wine, no two olive oils are exactly alike. The most wildly-available olive oils in the United States are made from…

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    Loved it!


    thank you!
    would like to hear more details of each different olive oil production region.

  3. What olive oil do you use in the restaurants?


      Though some of the restaurants and chefs may have personal favorites or specialty oils that they use for certain dishes, our all-purpose olive oil is Colavita extra-virgin.


    Since CIA is in St. Helena could you give us some positive thoughts about the Olive Press in Sonoma? How do their oils compare with your standards? We like several of their oils.

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