Basil Vinaigrette
I absolutely cannot keep a plant alive. Not even the easy ones, like aloe, even though I really try. The only plant that survives my path of destruction is basil, which is really a yearly tale of resilience. Now it’s mid-August, and for those of us who don’t know how to care for plants, this…



    This has been similar to my basic salad dressing, except I used my homemade pesto and white balsamic vinegar. Portions are the same. I’m often asked for my recipe. It’s so easy and so good I’m embarrassed to tell.


    This comment ifs regarding the Chef’s Tip Video on making a vinaigrette. I was very excited, but then disappointed. The text states: “In this Chef’s tip we’ll teach you the proper ratios and methods required to deliver professional results at home.” No ratios are given. I was looking for help in the amount of emulsifier to add.

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