Individually quick frozen raspberries on marble
Freezing is one of the easiest and most flexible preserving methods - when you’re ready to eat something, you simply thaw it and finish it – and then you can replace the space it took up in your freezer with a new item. It is also one of the most effective preserving methods, because it…



    I have no success in freezing peaches. When they thaw, they turn brown. Any help would be great.


      Peaches are not great presentation-wise once they’re defrosted, but the flavor is not compromised, even if they brown. We tend to reserve them for cooked applications, like jam, pies, or savory sauces, or to toss into smoothies.


    You either have to toss them with Fruit Fresh OR make a light syrup to store them in. I usually make a light syrup, then be sure the syrup covers them completely before freezing in containers. They taste totally like fresh off the tree! You can find a recipe for light syrup in pretty much any cookbook.

  3. We preserve ours in canning jars with cinnamon and cloves and a splenda syrup since so many in my family are diabetic. We pressure can at 15 pounds for 1 minute and then allow the canner to naturally come to room temp. Great for Thanksgiving, holidays, and just with a ball of ice cream.

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