homemade chocolate cookies

Do you have a favorite processed food guilty pleasure? Go ahead, we won’t tell. 

Let’s face iteven among enthusiastic home cooks, processed foods, especially nostalgic ones, do have a time and a place. There’s just something about a classic, nostalgic treat that brings you back – maybe it’s an old commercial jingle, or memories of your childhood or college days. We get it. 

Here at the CIA, our motto is to “Feed Your Joy™.” And if in these uncertain times, a processed treat is what you’re craving and will bring a smile to your face, we say go for it! But if you’ve got the time, why not try DIYing it yourself?We know what you’re thinking: homemade junk food”? Yes, that is indeed an oxy moron because by making it at home you can prepare something delicious, and potentially more nutritious, that is anything but junk. 

Making Processed Foods Healthier 

When you make your favorite comfort food snacks at home, you can cut down on the preservatives, sugar and salt without missing them. We’ve pulled together some easy recipes for homemade snack ideas from our food enthusiast classes, with a special nod to some classic, nostalgic processed snack foods 

To kick things off, who doesn’t love the old favorite—Cheddar Cheese Fish Crackers? Our version cuts back on the butter, adds a bit of whole wheat flour and yet is every bit as delicious. Of course, there is an oldie, but goodie we shared in a previous post—Raspberry Fruit Roll-ups (high in vitamin C.) 

cheddar cheese fish crackers

Or how about that beloved, European
 treat: Chocolate Hazelnut Spread? We’ve got you! If you eat it with whole-grain bread, you’re being semi-virtuous.

Un-processed, Processed Indulgences 

Chocolate Hazelnut SpreadWe had fun whipping up our own batch of Oreos, AKA Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. And finally, what’s a trip down memory lane without a tube of DIY frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? Neither one is healthy but they sure are fun.

Enjoy and let us know: how does your creation stack up against the original? Tell us in the comments below or send us your creations at @CIA.Foodies on Facebook or Instagram.