Freezing lasagna
One of the most frequently asked questions from guests at our CIA campuses is: “Can I freeze this?” And it’s a good question! After all, no matter how much you like to cook, there are some days that having a back-up dinner ready to go can be a life-saver. You’ll see in recipe notes, “This…



    You missed raw shellfish ie a shellfish that was purchased defrosted at a meat/seafood counter. Since most shellfish is IQF on the boat it will have been defrosted if you buy it as “fresh”. It is my understanding that FDA doesn’t recommend re-freezing shell fish. Correct?


      As long as the shellfish was safely defrosted (meaning, in the refrigerator at an appropriate temperature versus on a counter at room temp, for example), it is perfectly safe to refreeze. A good grocery store or fish market should be following appropriate defrosting guidelines, in which case, the shellfish would be safe to refreeze. If you have any concerns that your seafood or fish may not have been handled properly at a market or store, best not to eat it at all.

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