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We’re all becoming quite well acquainted with our kitchens lately, and we bet you’ve encountered a question or two (or ten) along the way. Well, you’re in luck, because we are here to fill you in! Scroll to the bottom of this post and leave your questions in the comments. They can be about anything…


  1. Please let me know how to use a 2 oz. fresh yeast cake instead of instant or active dry. How warm should the water be to dissolve it and is it the same amount as a packet of dry? Thank you.

  2. vitarowe@gmail.com

    I have a hard time cooking Copper River King Salmon to perfection, whether in the oven or on a grill pan. What is the secret I am missing?

  3. rphurlbut@gmail.com

    Status says “Provisional”. What does that mean. I believe I renewed April 20 but next pay date says May 2019??? Is COPID-19 slowing down your admin duties? If so I understand.

    Next question. Storing recipes in My Dish is great idea. Can I ask for recipes of practically anything then store them with you on line. I would love to have just one place to store all recipes. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    • laura.monroe@culinary.edu

      Hi there! I’m looking into your member status and will email you with details.

      For My DISH recipes, you can enter your own recipes (either family recipes or ones from other blogs or cookbooks you like) in the My Recipe Box feature, and store them alongside recipes from our site. I think it’s really handy!

  4. wcc@clareplace.net

    Is there any way to import recipes from other apps

  5. lucretianorman@mac.com

    I friend has given me venison backstop and I do not know how to prepare it. Is there anyone there that can give me a recipe to prepare it?

  6. russell.rx@juno.com

    I eat gluten free & have been able to successfully modify recipes to make everything else I want except baklava, which I dearly miss. The filling is no problem, but do you have any suggestions as to what I can use to replace the phyllo (which is not something that can be made gluten free). I am more than willing to think “out of the box” on this. If chef Richard Coppedge is still there, maybe he can help.

  7. arunadurbin@gmail.com

    You have inspired me to try so many different techniques. I have never fried anything and last night fried chicken cutlets for parmigiana. My oil got to 375, I fried the first cutlet. No problem. The oil returned to 375 and I put the second cutlet in. Only instead of the temperature stabilizing, it spiked up really fast to over 400! Yikes! The chicken only fried for 4 minutes and I had no idea what to do. For the most part it was golden, a little too dark in a few spots. The frying was over before I could figure this out. I must admit, first time with a pan of hot oil was a little scary. What do I do if this happens? I don’t want to have fear of frying! Thank you so much. Loving CIA Dish

  8. eight8fold@comcast.net

    How-To or guidelines for interchanging active dry yeast vs instant quick-rise/rapidrise in recipes?

    • laura.monroe@culinary.edu

      Great question! I’ll write up some more in-depth information on this, but in the meantime: active dry yeast and instant dry yeast are really interchangeable in terms of quantity, so 1 to 1. If a recipe calls for active-dry, it will usually include a step to activate the yeast in a warm liquid. You can skip this step for instant yeast and add it directly to the other ingredients. If the situation is reversed and you are using active instead of instant, just add a step to lightly warm whatever liquid is in the mixture (water, milk, butter, etc.) and add the yeast until it’s foamy, just a few minutes. Then add it to the other ingredients.

  9. brinjacl@gmail.com

    My husband and I recently dined at Bocuse. The meal was fantastic, and I want to make the carrot cavatelli at home. Will you share the recipe, especially for the sauce with Comte cheese?

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