Apples are really healthy, and tradition says that one a day keeps the doctor away—which is an easy goal when it’s covered with candy! Sure, sure, we should eat apples that aren’t covered in caramel or a crunchy red candy shell, but it’s fall, isn’t it!?

Candy Apple

If you love those sticky candied apples that you can get at the county fair or the pumpkin patch, why not make them at home for a Halloween party? They’re easy to prepare (they might be easier to make than they are to eat!), but since the recipe calls to cook sugar, which gets very, very hot, you’ll want to do this one with your parents.

You can dip whatever kind of apple you like best, but make sure to clean off any wax that might be on supermarket apples or the candy won’t stick. You’ll know there’s wax if the apple is really shiny.

Did you also know that you can candy fruits other than apples!? You can dip grapes, strawberries, or even tart little kumquats, which have an edible skin. The shell gets soft after a day or two, so you’ll want to make them the day you plan to serve them.

Candied fruit on toothpicks.

Check out the CIA’s recipe for Candy-Coated Apples and eat your fruit!

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