Use a culinary torch to evenly brown the exterior of a meringue topping.
Have you ever tried to make a lemon meringue pie and ended up with a sort of sad, droopy meringue top? We all have! Luckily, once you master the meringue, it’s a super simple trick to have up your sleeve for pies, cookies, and even cakes! Whipping egg whites with sugar creates a delicate yet…



    My meringue tastes great, but it shrunk away from the crust. How can I prevent this?


      Unfortunately, shrinking is sort of just what meringue does. It’s not a particularly stable foam, and no matter what you do, it will eventually start to shrink and weep. Meringues are really best made the day you plan to serve them. That being said, adding a pinch of cream of tartar to your meringue can help make it a bit more stable, and an Italian meringue– which is the cooked-sugar version of a meringue– will hold up much longer than a French or common meringue.

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